Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Party Stripper

General Questions

I’m new to this, what happens?
The dancer will show up in a sexy outfit - choices may be available - and surprise the guest of honor. He or she will perform a sexy striptease. After they performs the initial show for the guest of honor they then offer dances for the rest of the guests. Audience participation may include lap dances, party games, lotion, whipped cream, etc. Each party is personalized and unique. Each show is fun for all of your guests.
How far in advance should we book our dancer?
While last minute bookings are possible, the more notice you can give us, the better! Advance booking will ensure that you are able to get the time slot and dancer of your choice. Some of our dancers are in high demand. They book up very quickly on a Friday or Saturday night. If you have waited till the last minute, we may be able to help you, but your choices and time available would be limited. Many areas of North Carolina and South Carolina are very remote so it would be prudent to hire your dancer in advance.
I’ve been to a party in which the dancer they had ordered was not the one we got. Will this happen to me?
I know that had to be disappointing. Sadly this industry has evolved into the bait and switch model. Their websites are composed of stock photos of dancers that don’t exist. They are counting on you to pay whomever shows up. And in most cases, you will. You have a group of people expecting a stripper and it will be next to impossible to get anyone else of your choice at the last minute from another entertainment service.

A Bare Affair Strippers has been operating in Charlotte with thousands of satisfied customers since 1992. Unlike the competition, we don't trick you with stock/stolen photos of fake dancers. A Bare Affair Strippers does not bait and switch. What you see is what you get!

If an emergency should occur and your entertainer is not available, we will inform you of any changes in line up as soon as they become evident. No discounts or reductions in fee are given, but you may cancel the show when informed of the substitution if it is not to your liking.
How long have you been in business?
A Bare Affair has been serving Charlotte and North Carolina since 1992. When we went online in 1996, we were the first stripper company on the internet. A Bare Affair is the original online stripper service.
What is the minimum guest requirement?
Your party will need to have at least 5 people. If your party has less than 5 guests, the dancer will not perform. We do not do one on ones.
How old must everyone be to attend the show?
Everyone there needs to be 18 years old. If there is any dispute the dancer may require an id.
Are costumes available?
Yes, costume can make things more fun! Female strippers may have a hot cop, cheerleader, dominatrix, cowgirl or school girl. Some of the male stripper costumes include the cop, cowboy, fireman, construction worker and biker. Not every dancer will have every outfit. If you are looking for something in particular just call us at 704-947-0601 for help.
Are these the only guys and girls you have available?
We have additional male and female strippers that are not pictured on the site. Just contact me at 704-947-0601 and I will give you details and photos of other options.
Can we have the strippers perform on a party bus?
Absolutely, people do this all the time! Planning to have strippers on a party bus will be different than sending them to your home or hotel. Please read our party bus information page which has a checklist of things you need to know.

Booking Your Event

Is a credit card deposit required?
In most cases, a deposit will be required. If you’re a regular customer, we may waive the deposit. This will apply to the total fee. Parties that need the dancer to travel more than 50 miles will require a deposit. We also accept many other digital payment methods. You can find out more details by calling 704-947-0601
Can I charge the entire cost of the show on my credit card?
No. You can charge the deposit on your card, but the balance will have to be paid to the dancer in cash when she arrives
What information will you need to book the dancer?
We will need your name and phone number; also an additional contact for the night of the party. In addition we need the address of the location and the approximate time you need the stripper to arrive.
What is your refund policy?
Once the entertainer begins their show, there are no refunds and no exceptions. If you have some issue with the dancer that you feel a price adjustment is needed you must to call our office while the entertainer is at the party.

Things To Know The Night Of Your Party

Will the dancer bring their own music?
Yes they will. Many have routines to certain songs. If you have any special requests the dancer should be able to accommodate you if you have the music.
Do I need to reimburse the entertainers for parking expenses?
Yes if you are staying at a hotel that has paid parking you will need to compensate the dancer for those fees.
Will we need to tip the strippers?
Tipping is not mandatory, however for the best experience we recommend you tip your dancers. This will not only extend the amount of time the dancers will stay at your party but also add to the enjoyment of your guests. The dancers will have fun tipping games that everyone will be able to participate. The more you tip, the more fun you will have.
Can we photograph the dancers?
Each performer has a different policy so always ask your dancer if they allow photos. Many of our female strippers do not want photos of them topless or nude being circulated. Some of them will not mind posing in their costume with your guests but ask first. If the dancer has a no photo policy please respect that.
# Many of your questions can be answered here. If you need more information call 704-940-8259 to speak to an agent.

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